Notes to the 2016 Summary Financial Statements

1. Basis of preparation

The summary financial statements of St John of God Hauora Trust (the Trust) for the year ended 30 June 2016 have been extracted from the full financial statements. No information extracted from the full financial statements has been restated or reclassified. The full financial statements of the Trust have been prepared in accordance with Tier 2 Public Benefit Entity (PBE) standards and disclosure concessions have been applied on the basis the Trust does not have public accountability and is not large. This is the first set of financial statements of the Trust that is presented in accordance with PBE standards. The Trust has previously reported in accordance with old NZ GAAP. Last year's numbers have been restated where necessary to comply with the new PBA standards and for comparative purposes. The summary financial statements are presented in New Zealand dollars and are rounded to the nearest thousand dollars and were approved on behalf of the full Trust board by two trustees on 7 September 2016 . The summary financial statements do not include all disclosures provided in the full financial statements and cannot be expected to provide as complete an understanding as provided by the full financial statements of the financial performance and financial position of the Trust. The full set of financial statements may be obtained from Warren Murphy CA, National Manager Finance and Procurement:

2. Nature of audit opinion

The Annual Financial Statements of St John of God Hauora Trust have been audited and an unqualified audit opinion was issued on 7 September 2016.

3. Contingent liabilities

There are no contingent liabilities {2015: none).



4. Capital commitments

There is an outstanding commitment of $266,188 to the building contractor to complete the "Pampuri" project, which will increase the number of residents able to be accommodated at the St John of God, Halswell facility. (2015: $170,854).

5. Events occurring after balance date

There are no significant events that have occurred after balance date.

Approved by two trustees on behalf of the full trust board 7 September 2016.


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