Annual Report
July 2020 - June 2021

Jimmy (pictured) is a resident who lives in one of our community living facilities.

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Nights of residential care for people living with physical and neurological disabilities in Wellington (15,557) and Canterbury (31,438).

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Delivered Supported Independent Living for 9 clients, facilitating the transition to independent living.

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Delivered residential Transitional Rehabilitation Care to 38 clients with brain or spinal injuries at The Granada Centre.



Activities Team delivered 447 in-house activity sessions and 167 community outings.

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Delivered 1346 outpatient therapy and resident physiotherapy sessions to support residents.



Delivered 441 resident Occupational Therapy and 242 resident Speech and Language Therapy sessions.

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Delivered 2079 nights of care for people living with pressure injuries in partnership with Burwood Spinal Unit and ACC.



Young people received mental health counselling for a range of needs including alcohol and drugs, eating disorders, depression and anxiety.

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Young parents received individual social work support.



Young women at risk supported through the Mana Wahine Adventure Therapy programme.

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Young parents supported in a range of pregnancy and parenting education courses and groups.

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Supported 76 tamariki and their whānau at Little Owls Preschool.



Youth at risk completed the collaborative Adventure Therapy and Health and Wellbeing programme provided to eight schools.

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Implementation of Mana Ake – mental health in primary schools programme, assessed by ImpactLab as generating $13 in social value for each dollar invested.



The Reintegration Team supported 56 young people who have offended in prison-based and community-based programmes in partnership with Ara Poutama (Department of Corrections).



Supported 35 young parents and their children in the HOPE social housing project providing accommodation and wrap-around support services.



Rangatahi worked alongside in their reintegration journey in the Rangatahi Tumanako prosocial and mentoring programme.

CEO Review

This year, it was an honour and absolute privilege to accept the appointment of Chief Executive Officer of St John of God Hauora Trust. As Regional Manager of our Community, Youth and Child Services since 2014, I have always felt a strong connection to our shared Mission and Values, and the skilled professionals who continually evolve to meet the needs of young people. I am enthusiastic and excited about our future, and the impact our people will have on the community in the coming years.

Our first priority is the establishment of the Strategic Plan 2021-25. This plan guides our pathway and action towards serving the people we support better, and further raising the standard of the excellent support we already deliver.

During this year we have already taken important steps to improve our service. The St John of God Karori Internal Review has provided the catalyst to embed the My Life Model of Care at the facility to make it a great place to live and work. Our Southern team has contributed greatly to the transformation. The Southern service has had a stellar year under increased challenges within the sector.

Amidst the complex environment of Community, Youth and Child Services, we have continued to evolve our strong partnership approach with Ara Poutama (Department of Corrections). We continue our important work of supporting young parents in their journey towards growth and development. Our service continues to be there to support the mental health and wellbeing of young people through our customised counselling and support services, and is continually adapting different ways to engage with young people at the time they most need support.

This has also been an outstanding year for our early childhood education service Little Owls. Complete centre refurbishment, ongoing improvements to the quality learning programme and professional development, has resulted in a service of which we are all immensely proud. We all know the lifelong benefits of quality early learning, and our continued development of this service is a vital element of our work.

In addition, this year we continued to evolve our collaborative approach with the funding agencies and philanthropic organisations that support us. I would like to acknowledge all of the people representing these agencies, that are committed to improving life and wellbeing for our clients and residents through the generous donations and grants awarded this year.

I would also like to sincerely acknowledge our team of more than 300 caregivers. Each of you show passion and commitment in your care and support of our residents and clients, bringing your vital skills and experience to bear in our collective endeavour. I look forward to working alongside you all as we realise our shared Vision.


Nga mihi mahana,


Message from our Board Chair

This year the organisation accomplished a number of important objectives as we continued our focus on delivering outstanding levels of care for the people we support.

The appointment of Sarah Williams as Chief Executive Officer was an important development, after her performance as Acting CEO revealed the qualities that had made her such a an impressive leader at the helm of Community, Youth and Child Services. Since her appointment as CEO in June 2021, the Board has continued to be impressed with Sarah’s leadership, as she, along with the Leadership team, has focused on improving operations and progressing important projects.

I would take the opportunity to again acknowledge the outstanding contribution that Steve Berry made to St John of God Hauora Trust during his tenure as CEO. Steve was able to make a real difference to operational performance and there is no doubt he left the organisation in better shape than when he joined us.

Rob Wise retired from his executive role with St John of God Healthcare at the end of June and therefore stepped down as their representative on the SJGHT board. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 Rob was never able to visit us, however this did not stop him making a real difference to our board and for this we thank him and wish him well in his retirement. I am delighted to welcome Steve Goldsworthy, Group Director Finance at SJGHC, to the board as Rob’s replacement.

The collective efforts of all our caregivers, resulted in a pleasing surplus that trends us towards financial sustainability. Our surplus of $1.2m delivers an earnings (EBITDA) to income ratio of 9.8%. This affords us the capability to meet future demand for services and the agility to adapt to evolving community needs.

This year the Board has also approved in principle the case to build the Lucena Unit at St John of God Halswell. Adding 24 rooms will be our most significant capacity expansion in over a decade. Strong demand for our care is reflective of our unique and quality service, the Board is committed to moving this project into action.

When raised up by the support of others, our appreciation and thinking radiates outwards. Pope Francis called our support for those most vulnerable a true sign of health, and central to continuing the healing Mission of Jesus.

I would like to thank you for your empathy in understanding the needs of others, and for your actions in supporting the people and communities in greatest need.


Nga mihi,



Our People

The teams across New Zealand dedicated to supporting the people we work alongside.

Health and Ability Services

Community, Youth and Child Services

Financial Overview

Financial Statements for the Year Ended 30 June 2021

Statement of Comprehensive Income
  2021 2020
  $'000 $'000
Revenue from exchange transactions 19,723 17,774
Accommodation and service fees 15,876 14,506
Government grants and subsidies 3,179 2,874
Other grants and subsidies 307 142
Other operating revenue 361 252
Revenue from non-exchange transactions 5 6
Donations 5 6
Total revenue 19,728 17,780
Expenses 17,802 16,819
Employee costs and contract remuneration 14,136 13,444
Supply costs 1,168 1,104
Other operating expenses 993 931
Centralised support and service costs 1,455 1,289
Board expenses 50 51
EBITDA 1,926 961
Interest income (11) (9)
Interest expense 113 129
Net Interest 102 120
Depreciation owned assets 504 428
Depreciation leased assets 135 132
Operating surplus 1,185 281

 Statement of Financial Position
  2021 2020
  $'000 $'000
Current assets 3,237 2,043
Cash and cash equivalents 684 857
Cash held on behalf of residents 190 144
Bank deposits 847 439
Sundry debtors and other receivables 1,478 559
Inventories 38 44
Non-current assets 8,465 8,470
Property, plant and equipment 8,015 5,426
Work in progress 219 2,682
Leased assets 213 343
Investment in shares in co-operative supplier 18 19
Total assets 11,702 10,513
Current liabilities 2,752 2,500
Trade payables and accruals 1,220 933
Residents' funds 190 144
Employee benefit liabilities 1,061 1,051
Grants held for future or other specific purposes 37 87
Bank loan 161 154
Lease liability 83 131
Non-current liabilities 2,923 3,171
Bank Loan 2,533 2,698
Lease liability 131 214
Loan from St John of God Health Care Inc 259 259
Total liabilities 5,675 5,671
Trust equity 6,027 4,842
Retained surpluses 6,027 4,842

 Statement of Movements in Equity
  2021 2020
  $'000 $'000
Equity at beginning of year 4,842 4,561
Operating surplus / (deficit) for the year 1,185 281
Equity at end of year 6,027 4,842

Statement of Cash Flows
  2021 2020
  $'000 $'000
Cash from Operations 1,205 1,180
Surplus(Deficit) 1,185 281
Depreciation and amortisation 639 561
Changes in working capital    
Accounts receivable (920) 412
Inventories 6 (14)
Trade payables and accruals 331 (358)
Goods and Services Tax 4 97
Employee benefit liabilities 10 187
Grants for future or specific purposes (50) 14
Cash from Investing (635) (1,554)
Capital expenditures (635) (1,554)
Cash from Financing (289) 1,268
Bank loan (158) 1,336
Lease liability (131) (68)
Total change in cash 281 894
Ending cash balance 1,721 1,440
Beginning cash balance 1,440 546
Total change in cash 281 894


 Read the Audited Financial Statements

Unqualified Audit Opinion Regarding Financial Statements

Total Revenue

Operating Surplus

Total Assets

Our Year in Care

Our Mission is to continue the healing mission of Jesus, supporting some of the most vulnerable people in our communities. Our five core values of Manaakitanga, Aroha, Whakaute, Tika and Hiranga continue to shape our workforce and the way we collaborate to support the people we work alongside every day.

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Achieving Outcomes for Young People

Working with creativity and commitment to support young people towards growth and development.

Communities of Health for Rangatahi

Our work in fostering conditions in communities that are conducive to health for young people.

Supporting Young Parents towards Growth

A young parent's journey to meet challenges mental health challenges including depression, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and anxiety. 

Enabling Great Lives

Fulfilling the My Life Model of Care to support engaged and enabling lives for people living with disability.

Engaging Tamariki

Supporting confident and capable learners at our early childhood education centre Little Owls.

Living Our Mission

The Pastoral Care delivered through our interactions with the people and communities that we support.

Acknowledging our Funders

We would like to thank and acknowledge our key funding partners of our Health and Ability Services division.

We would like to acknowledge the contribution of the funders of our service at St John of God Waipuna. In collaboration with our grant and philanthropic funding, your support is vital to our capacity to support young people to achieve growth and development.

The following selection of videos are brief excerpts from our year in care and are illustrative of the creative and innovative approach that we bring to supporting people living with a disability.

Kia manawanui,
Canterbury District Health Board


Department of Corrections



Ministry of Education


Ministry of Health



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Thank you to the grant funders, philanthropic supporters and donors who so greatly contribute to the support we deliver

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Te Rangatahi
Tumanako Trust
CCC transparent
Christchurch City Council

Lottery Grants

Lottery Grants Board
Maurice Carter 
Charitable Trust
New Zealand
Growth Trust
Farina Thompson
Charitable Trust
Graeme Madden
MenzShed Halswell
Singhal Medical
Knights of the
Southern Cross 
Hoatu Trust



Year Ahead3
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Completion of the St John of God Karori Internal Review to embed the My Life Model of Care in our Northern services.


Strategic Plan

Implementation of the Strategic Plan 2021 - 2025 shaping our growth to meet the needs of the people we support.

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Implementation of HRIS system that will transform our employment and learning and development processes.

noun Construction 2552801 v2


Commence construction of the 24 room Lucena Unit at St John of God Halswell to meet additional demand.

noun weave 3169890


Build upon the Rangatahi Tumanako Group supporting young people who have offended towards education and employment.

noun Koru 3821174


Service delivery at St John of God Waipuna to meet community needs amongst young people.

noun Fern Koru 694393


Cultural audit at St John of Waipuna

noun tiny home 1134368


Complete Tiny Home at St John of God Halswell in partnership with MenzShed increasing transitional living options

Our Leadership Team

Sarah Hillier
Chief Executive Officer
Henare Te Karu
Kath Prins
General Manager Community, Youth and Child Services
Sinéad Gilgunn
General Manager Mission Integration
Seaneen Mckenzie
General Manager People & Culture
John McManus
General Manager Health and Ability Services
Warren Murphy
General Manager Finance and Services Support
George Anderson
General Manager Communications & Marketing

Our Trustees

Peter Jensen (Chair)
Tim Burns (Deputy Chair)
Tim Sissons
Grahame Coles
MBus, PGDip Mgmt
Stella Ward