Annual Report
July 2018 - June 2019

Photography by Claire Blackall

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Young people received mental health counselling for a range of needs including Alcohol and Drugs, Eating Disorders, Depression and Anxiety.

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Young people received individualised social work support.



Young women at risk supported through the Mana Wahine Adventure Therapy programme.

Parent Child


Pregnancy and parenting education support groups delivered to 227 young parents.

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Tamariki and their whānau supported at Little Owls Preschool.

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Young parents and their children supported in the HOPE social housing project providing accommodation and wrap-around support services.



Youth at risk from eight schools completed the collaborative Adventure Therapy and Health and Wellbeing programme.

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The newly established Reintegration Team is responsible for delivery of a High Risk Burglary Prevention program, Medium Risk Burglary Prevention program, and Mauri Tu Mauri Ora program for high risk youth.

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The Reintegration Team have supported over 87 young people who have offended in prison-based and community-based programmes.

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Rooms in the Wellington (47) and Canterbury (84) districts offering specialist residential care and clinical support for people with physical and neurological disabilities.

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Continued full occupancy for the Southern Region with growing demand for transitional rehabilitation care at the Granada Centre and St John of God Halswell.



Seismic strengthening and reconfiguration project 75% complete at St John of God Karori adding four new rooms and improved living configuration and working environment.

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Maximum four-year accreditation awarded to St John of God Halswell following the 2019 Ministry of Health Audit, with no corrective actions and two Continuous Improvements.

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Opened St John of God Clouston Park, our new 11-room Community Home in Upper Hutt.

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Delivered transitional rehab care to 31 clients with brain or spinal injuries at The Granada Centre. 12 have transitioned to living in the community with a further 15 on track.

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Activities staff at The Granada Centre hosted 402 in-house activity sessions and 371 outings enabling individuals to access the community.

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Delivered Supported Independent Living program for 6 clients, facilitating the transition to independent living.

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Admitted nine residents with spinal injuries for complex pressure injury care in partnership with Burwood Spinal Unit with 100% successful outcomes.

Message from our CEO

Kia ora koutou,

The 2019 financial year was a busy time for St John of God Hauora Trust.  Once again, many hundreds of vulnerable people benefitted from our Community, Youth and Child Services and our Health and Ability Services. The year was also especially busy because of our efforts to grow and develop the organisation, refine our quality management processes and lift our focus on continuous improvement projects.  Whilst we have more work to do (continuous improvement never ends), we have made significant progress during the year in refining many aspects of the way in which we deliver our services.

I would like to thank everyone involved in helping our organisation to help others.

For me, and I know this is the case for many other St John of God Hauora Trust caregivers, it continues to be a privilege to work for our organisation.  In contemplating this I am reminded of the story of St John of God walking the streets of Granada collecting wood, food and money to put to good use for many people and calling out in Spanish, roughly translated as: “Brothers and Sisters do good for yourself by doing good for others”. 

Our new Strategic Plan lays out our direction for the next three years and demands that we continue to build an increasingly sustainable, well respected organisation dedicated to excellent practice and demonstrable positive outcomes.  I look forward to working with you all on that in the years to come.

Ngā mihi,

Message from Our Chair

Kia ora koutou,

My first year on the Board of St John of God Hauora Trust has reinforced my view of the need for high quality services that are focused on the care and development of our most vulnerable. In both our support for youth, and our care for people living with disability, I am impressed by the standard of care and the quality of those who are tasked with its delivery to “go and do likewise”.

In this year we have seen important growth in our delivery including the establishment of the Reintegration Team, working alongside young people who have offended towards a path of prosocial growth and development. The addition of 11 rooms at St John of God Clouston Park and the commencement of the St John of God Karori reconfiguration is reflective of our collective drive to be able to support more people with our unique and high quality care offering. Our Board remains focussed on the ongoing development of quality and stewardship measures that underpinned this growth.


Our Reintegration Team working alongside rangatahi towards growth and development.

I would like to thank ex-Chair Bevan Killick for his contribution.  Bevan’s strong business acumen has supported this organisation to make bold decisions and to thrive. His strong focus on relationships and insight for bringing people together has also seen this organisation continue to develop its relationships in many sectors. We also acknowledge the great dedication of Kathryn Dalziel and Marion Cowden who by the time this report is released will have concluded their nine years of service to SJGHT. Both have added invaluable oversight of the organisations’ development and I thank them here for their contribution.

We look forward to an important year to June 2020. The conclusion of the St John of God Karori redevelopment, growth consolidation at St John of God Waipuna and the implementation of the 2019-2022 Strategic Plan will all play important roles in our ability to adapt and meet community need in the future.

Ngā mihi maioha,



Our Mission

Our Mission is to continue the healing mission of Jesus, supporting some of the most vulnerable people in our communities. Our five core values of Manaakitanga, Aroha, Whakaute, Tika and Hiranga continue to shape our workforce and the way we collaborate to support the people we work alongside every day.

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Our Mission in 2019

Acknowledging those who deliver our care

Mark's Journey

Transitional Rehab Care at The Granada Centre

Our People

The teams across New Zealand dedicated to supporting the people we work alongside.

How we deliver care

The professionals who come together each day to help enrich and improve life for vulnerable people in New Zealand.

Financial Overview

Financial Statements for the Year Ended 30 June 2019

Statement of Comprehensive Income

  $'000 $'000
Revenue from exchange transactions        
Accommodation and service fees 13,946 12,849
Other Health and Ability Services revenue 37 39
Government grants and subsidies 2,359 1,810
Other grants and subsidies 190 234
Other operating revenue 351 317
  16,883 15,249
Revenue from non-exchange transactions (donations) 20 13
Total revenue 16,903 15,262
Employee costs and contract remuneration 12,816 11,114
Supply costs 1,145 1,172
Other operating expenses 936 800
Centralised support and service costs 1,241 1,195
Board expenses 45 41
Total expenses 16,183 14,322
EBITDA 720 940
Interest income (34) (52)
Interest expense 96 128
Net Interest 62 77
Depreciation owned assets 408 370
Depreciation leased assets 110 108
Operating surplus / (deficit) 140 385

 Statement of Financial Position

  $'000 $'000
Current assets    
Cash and cash equivalents 22 289
Cash held on behalf of residents 146 123
Bank deposits 470 1,165
Sundry debtors and other receivables 971 913
Other assets 30 36
Total current assets 1,639 2,527
Non-current assets        
Property, plant and equipment 5,656 5,259
Work in progress 1,389 415
Leased assets 413 306
Investment in shares in co-operative supplier 19 19
Total non-current assets 7,477 5,999
Total assets 9,116 8,526
Current Liabilities    
Bank Overdraft 92
Trade payables and accruals 1,127 801
Residents' funds 146 123
Goods and Services tax 64 149
Employee benefit liabilities 865 815
Grants held for future or other specific purposes 73 63
Bank loan 256 236
Lease liability 117 94
Total current liabilities 2,740 2,281
Non-current liabilities    
Bank Loan 1,261 1,524
Lease liability 295 297
Loan from St John of God Health Care Inc 259 96
Total non-current liabilities 1,815 1,917
Total liabilities 4,555 4,198
Trust equity    
Retained surpluses
4,561 4,328
Total equity attributable to the trust 4,561 4,328


 Statement of Movements in Equity

  $'000 $'000
Equity at beginning of year 4,328 3,943
Operating surplus / (deficit) for the year 140 385
Prior year adjustment for finance leases 93 0
Equity at end of year 4,561 4,328


 Statement of Cash flows
  $'000 $'000
Surplus(Deficit) 140 385
Prior Year Adjustment to finance leases 93 0
Depreciation and amortisation 518 478
Changes in working capital    
Accounts receivable (57) (153)
Prepayments 0 (8)
Inventories 7 12
Trade payables and accruables 348 72
Goods and Services Tax (84) 17
Employee benefit liabilities 49 78
Grants for future or specific purposes 10 (143)
Cash from Operations 1,024 738
Capital expenditures  (1,996) (916)
Investment in Shares Co-op Supplier 0 0
Cash from Investing (1,996) (916)
Bank loan (Current) 20 8
Lease liability (Current)  23 0
Bank loan (Non-Current) (264) (221)
Lease liability (Non-Current) (2) 89
Loan from St John of God Health Care Inc 163 96
Cash from Financing (59) (29)
Total change in cash (1,031) (206)
Beginning cash balance 1,577 1,784
Total change in cash  (1,031)  (206)
Ending cash balance 546 1,577


 Read the Audited Financial Statements

Unqualified Audit Opinion Regarding Financial Statements

Operating Surplus

Total Assets

The St John of God Karori acquistion in 2015/16 for $3.81 Million significantly increased the value of Total Assets. The increase in 2016/17 is due largely to the establishment of Pampuri House in Halswell.

Our Year in Care

St John of God Hauora Trust provides supportive and person-centred care to people living with a disability as well as vulnerable children, young people and families in New Zealand.

Community, Youth and Child Services

Our wellspring of hope

Health and Ability Services Northern

A year of transformative change

Health and Ability Services Southern

Celebrating every encounter

Acknowledging our Funders

We would like to thank and acknowledge our key funding partners of our Health and Ability Services division.

We would like to acknowledge the contribution of the funders of our service at St John of God Waipuna. In collaboration with our grant and philanthropic funding, your support is vital to our capacity to support young people to achieve growth and development.

The following selection of videos are brief excerpts from our year in care and are illustrative of the creative and innovative approach that we bring to supporting people living with a disability.

Kia manawanui,
Canterbury District Health Board


Department of Corrections


Oranga Tamariki 


Ministry of Education


Ministry of Health



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Thank you to our Grant Funders, Donors and Partners 


Government Grant funders

Canterbury District Health Board
The Canterbury District Health Board
CCC transparent
Christchurch City Council
CorrectionsNZ logo.svg
Department of Corrections

Lottery Grants

Lottery Grants Board
MOE Logo

Ministry of Education
HealthNZ logo.svg
Ministry of Health
Ministry of Social Development Logo
Ministry of Social Development


Non-government Grant funders and donors

 Catholic Diocese of Christchurch
The Hoatu Fund and the
Diocesan Welfare Council
The Todd Foundation
The Todd Foundation
  Harcourts Logo
Lindsay & Marilyn Welch
rata positive rgb
Rata Foundation
Te Pou PNG Transparent
Te Pou Limited
TTF logo RGB
Tindall Foundation
 Firth Industries Logo
Firth Industries

Maurice Carter
Charitable Trust

 Farina Thompson
Charitable Trust




Estate of
Elizabeth Topp




And we would also like to acknowledge the other partnerships that help us collectively meet needs in our communities:

Aviva, Archbishop of Wellington Cardinal John A Dew DD and The Archdiocese of Wellington, Br Kevin Lawson O.H., Br Steven Coakley O.H., The Diocese of Christchurch, Burwood Hospital Spinal Unit and Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service, Plunket NZ, Capital Mobility, Capital Support, the Department of Corrections, Enable New Zealand, the Halswell MenzShed, Karori Anglican Church, Karori West Normal School, LifeLinks, Life Unlimited, The Nathaniel Centre, NZ Nurses Organisation, National Union of Public Employees, OCP, Odyssey House, Sisters of Mercy, Taylor Shaw Barristers and Solicitors, the University of Canterbury, The University of Otago, VFL Finance, Whitireia NZ.


noun Planning 1396873


Implementation of the St John of God Hauora Trust Strategic Plan 2019-2022 and its related Service Action Plans.

noun watering 550578


Completion of the seismic strengthening, refurbishment and reconfiguration program at the St John of God Karori facility.

noun Medicine 1746167


National Expansion of Electronic Medication Management system to include Health and Ability Services Southern.

noun cycle 1732573


Focus on service development for Rehabilitation and Reintegration programme delivery following a period of rapid expansion.

noun journey 2021772


Further Implementation of Residential Care Pathway program at Health and Ability Services.

noun Home 975702


New Zealand’s first fully accessible tiny home, in collaboration with Menzshed Halswell, as an affordable housing model to help transition residents back in to the community.

noun Personal Networking 1681632

Community Care

Building up to full capacity at St John of God Clouston Park and make it a provider of choice in the Hutt Valley.

noun ribbon prize 1768750


Continuation of the New Zealand Spirit of St John of God Award.

noun teaching 550598

Clinical Care

Embedding Clinical Governance Systems and Processes

Our Leadership Team

Sarah Hillier
Chief Executive Officer
Henare Te Karu
Kath Prins
General Manager Community, Youth and Child Services
Sinéad Gilgunn
General Manager Mission Integration
Seaneen Mckenzie
General Manager People & Culture
John McManus
General Manager Health and Ability Services
Warren Murphy
General Manager Finance and Services Support
George Anderson
General Manager Communications & Marketing

Our Trustees

Peter Jensen (Chair)
Tim Burns (Deputy Chair)
Tim Sissons
Grahame Coles
MBus, PGDip Mgmt
Stella Ward