July 2015 - June 2016

"Even though it’s over and even when I wasn’t there I still had the support, and everyone was and is still there for me. I expected it just to be during course hours but it was so much more than that and that meant a lot to know that I was actually cared about."
     Mana Wahine Adventure Therapy Programme Participant











Highlights from Our Year


nights of residential care to 145 people with a physical or neurological disability.


vulnerable young parents supported through 33 young parent education groups.


young people received counselling and 201 young people received social work support.


social housing project implemented providing accommodation and wrap-around support services to clients across five tenancies.


rehabilitation and therapy hours delivered at the Granada Centre for neuro-rehabilitation.


hours of early childhood education at Little Owls Preschool.

Contract Awarded

to Community, Youth and Child Services for the three-year Department of Corrections Mauri Toa Rangatahi youth offender programme.

Coordinated Catholic Ministries Hui

bringing together 15 health and social service providers in the Diocese of Christchurch.

Three-year certification

with the Ministry of Health for Health and Ability Services nationally.

Purchase of 36-room St John of God Karori

property as part of our service provision strategy for the Wellington Region.

Renewed funding

arrangements with the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Social Development, Ministry of Education as well as District Health Boards.

Supporting more people in need

Help us build New Zealand’s first truly accessible tiny home. St John of God Halswell supports around 60 people living with physical and neurological disability. Our goal-oriented model of care calls upon our service to provide more choice and options such as increasing the availability of independent living units on site.

The development of a 50m2 accessible living unit onsite at St John of God Halswell will increase choice in our suite of accommodation options as well as provide an independent living unit backed by the strong clinical care and rehabilitation and therapy programme at our service.


We go the extra mile for people to help support a life that is enriching, enabling and self-directed. St John of God Halswell supports people living with disability through our unique person-centred Model of Care known as “My Life“. This calls upon our organisation and clinical services to provide supportive and enabling care where people can live and experience life.

As a result of our strong clinical care and service delivery programme, The Southern Region of our Health and Ability Services Division operates at close to full capacity and has a consistent waiting
list for care.

Nga mihi nui,
Virginia Spoors

From Our Board Chair

Kia ora koutou katoa. Our role in providing guidance and stewardship for an organisation like ours is substantial – one that we assume with great care.  However it should only take a conversation with any one of our caregivers to be reassured of the simplicity of our mission.

The 271 people in New Zealand who work collaboratively and with commitment to Mission and Values are the true treasure or taonga of our service. We see our role in the Board as supporting each individual’s skills and capacity to deliver upon need in our communities, as we work to continue the healing mission of Jesus Christ.

Our founder, born João Duarte Cidade and canonised as St John of God, shone a light of service for vulnerable people that has illuminated a path for countless people for more than 500 years.  As we walk forward on this path together we take heed of his call to continually do better for people in need.

I am proud that the quality of care that we deliver is being set and maintained at such a high level.  Our audit processes across Health and Ability Services and Community, Youth and Child Services give us ongoing confidence in promoting our work at the highest levels of the community and government, including the most vulnerable in society.

We are also proud that our services continue to work creatively and in partnership with others, to extend and improve care so that the person remains at the very centre of our approach.
I would like to acknowledge Steve Berry and his team for their exceptional leadership of the organisation; the board for their support, wisdom and guidance; our residents and clients who we serve and give us purpose; our wonderful committed caregivers and all who support us.  Thank you in responding to our Mission and your ongoing support for and commitment to our work.

Ngā mihi maioha,


Bevan Killick
Board Chair, St John of God Hauora Trust

Bevan Killick and Andy Doherty, General Manager of the Diocese of Christchurch, at the opening of Pampuri House.

Our People

More than 250 people come together every day at St John of God Hauora Trust in the service of improving life and enhancing opportunity for the people who access our services. Each one of our caregivers in the course of that work, give living testament to the five values that bring us together for a common purpose: manaakitanga (hospitality), aroha (compassion), whakaute (respect), tika (justice) and hiranga (excellence).

Total number of caregivers
Community, Youth and Child Services caregivers
Progress towards completion

Year in Review

St John of God Hauora Trust provides supportive and person-centred care to people living with a disability as well as vulnerable children, young people and families through our Health and Ability Services and Community, Youth and Child Services divisions.

Community, Youth and Child Services

Sarah Williams, Southern Regional Manager
This year our service has delivered upon increasingly complex community need, continuing to improve quality, scope and outcome standards. I am proud to remain the manager of a service that works creat...

Health and Ability Services Southern

Virginia Spoors, Southern Regional Manager
Our model of care ‘My Life‘ continues to evolve and now drives our service as we empower individuals , teams and our community to support the people we care for and to live a life that exceeds their e...

Health and Ability Services Northern

Stewart Clark, Northern Regional Manager
As I reflect on my first year in this role, one thing that has struck me has been the conversations with residents and their families. 

National Manager Mission Review

Joanne Hope, National Manager Mission
We are an organisation very focused on the quality of care we provide in the present and ensuring excellence into the future. The past has a lot to teach us about who we are and what we are to do in t...

St John of God Health Care

Annual Report 2016-17
St John of God Health Care is a leading provider of high quality health care services that include hospitals, home nursing, disability and outreach services throughout Australia, New Zealand and the A...

Financial Overview

Summary Financial Statements for the Year Ended 30 June 2016

Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income
  $'000 $'000
Revenue from exchange transactions       
Health and Ability Services revenue and service fees 11,319 10,809
Grants and subsidies 2,164 2,312
Donation from St John of God Health Care Inc 0 1,483
Other operating revenue 358 347
  13,841 14,950
Revenue from non-exchange transactions (donations) 14 105
Total revenue 13,855 15,055
Remuneration of personnel and contractors 10,034 9,837
Other operating costs 2,002 2,201
Administration and support costs 1, 086 1,066
Total expenses 13,122 13,104
EBITDA 733 1,951
Net Interest 64 47
Depreciation 399 331
Operating surplus / (deficit) 270 1,573

 Consolidated Statement of Financial Position
  $'000 $'000
Current assets    
Cash, cash equivalents and bank deposits 1,784 1,693
Other 800 739
Total current assets 2,584 2,432
Non-current assets 5,561 5,254
Total assets 8,145 7,686
Current liabilities 2,249 2,052
Non-current liabilities 1,953 1,961
Total liabilities 4,202 4,013
Trust equity    
Retained surpluses
3,943 3,673
Total equity attributable to the trust 3,943 3,673


 Summary Statement of Movements in Equity
  $'000 $'000
Equity at beginning of year 3,673 2,100
Operating surplus / (deficit) for the year 270 1,573
Equity at end of year 3,943 3,673


 Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows
  $'000 $'000
Net Cash Inflows from operating activities 834 1,233
Net Cash Outflows from investing activities -701 -4,407
Net Cashflow (used in) /from financing activities -42 2,315
Net increase / (decrease) in cash, cash equivalents 91 -859
Cash and cash equivalents at the beginning of the year 1,693 2,552
Cash and cash equivalents at the end of the year 1,784 1,693


Notes to the Summary Financial Statements

 Read the Audited Financial Statements

Unqualified Audit Opinion Regarding Summary Financial Statements

Total Assets

The St John of God Karori acquistion in 2015/16 for $3.81 Million significantly increased the value of Total Assets.  


Equity value has increased in 2015/16 due to the donation from St John of God Health Care Inc for the St John of God Karori purchase. The Equity percentage of Total Assets is constant at just below 50%.

Snapshots of Our Care this Year

Our Trustees

Bevan Killick (Chair)
Kathryn Dalziel (Deputy Chair)
Marion Cowden
MBA (Distinction), BSc, BCom, FCA
Tim Burns
Kevin Taylor
BSc, GAICD, Grad Cert CLC
Peter Jensen

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Steve Berry
Virginia Spoors
Southern Regional Manager Health and Ability Services
Sarah Williams
Regional Manager Community, Youth and Child Services
Stewart Clark
Northern Regional Manager Health and Ability Services
Joanne Hope
National Manager Mission Integration
Mal Kendrew
National Manager Corporate Services
Warren Murphy
National Manager Finance and Procurement
Seaneen Mckenzie
National Manager Human Resources
George Anderson
National Manager Fundraising and Marketing

Building in Partnership

St John of God Halswell is situated in the South-West of Christchurch with substantial grounds and gardens surrounding the facility. The main residential care facility is equipped with modern rehabilitation and therapy facilities known as The Granada Centre. This site provides ample opportunity for the installation of accessible housing units to support our capacity to deliver upon unmet need. A 50m2 tiny home could be located in a number of sites within the Grounds and all will have access to facilities and support as part of our Health and Ability Services Division.

Our tiny home for Halswell
This design for a home was developed by MenzShed Halswell who will also provide the project management for the build.
Resident's story
Story of resident or other candidate for a better style of care
Strong Foundations of support
Story of the building company building the foundations.
JR McKenzie Trust
A three year funding programme awarded from the JR McKenzie Trust supports the delivery of our HOPE Social Housing Progr...
Rehabilitation Welfare Trust
The Rehabilitation Welfare Trust supported the delivery of disability modified Tai Chi at St John of God Karori and St J...
Christchurch City Council
Christchurch City Council's Strengthening Communities Fund supports the delivery of services at St John of God Waipuna h...
Tindall Foundation
The Tindall Foundation provides support for our Young Parents Development Service helping young parents to grow.
Challenging Rangatahi towards Growth
St John of God Hauora Trust has worked in partnership with the Department of Corrections to guide young people who have ...
Opening Pathways for Young Parents
Our ongoing programme delivery in partnership with the Ministry of Social Development.
Fulfilling, engaging lives for all people
Our ongoing delivery of residential and rehabilitation services for people living with physical and neurological disabil...
Gala Dinner Supporters
Thank you to the incredible organisations and individuals who supported our Annual Gala Dinner.
Harcourts Foundation
Suppport from the Harcourts Foundation helped increase the technology literacy of our tamariki at Little Owls Preschool ...
Te Pou o Te Whakaaro Nui
Thanks to a Grant from Te Pou o Te Whakaaro Nui our caregivers received additional workforce development training.
Lion Foundation
Support from the Lion Foundation secured funding for a Defibrillator for residents at St John of God Karori.
2016 Charity Auction Donors
Support from more than 32 donating organisations and individuals and over 80 guests helped raise nearly $18,000

We also give thanks to other supporters and donors to our service:

Lindsay and Marilyn Welch

Mike Pero Real Estate Cashmere

Community Organisation Grants Scheme

The Rehabilitation Welfare Trust

Caritas New Zealand

Twigger Estate

The Estate of S Abbott

Chris Gallagher

Department of Internal Affairs

The Ministry of Education

The Norris Family

The Little Company of Mary

The Catholic Women's League

The Estate of S Abbott

The Estate of J Stanton

Turner Family Estate

Estate of D Campbell

Deborah Moore Estate


And we would also like to acknowledge the partnerships that help us collectively meet need in our communities:

Aviva, Archbishop of Wellington Cardinal John A Dew DD and The Archdiocese of Wellington, Br Kevin Lawson O.H., Br Steven Coakley O.H., The Diocese of Christchurch, Burwood Hospital Spinal Unit and Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service, Plunket NZ, Capital Mobility, Capital Support, the Department of Corrections, Enable New Zealand, the Halswell MenzShed, the Hospitaller Order of the Brothers of St John of God, Karori Anglican Church, Karori West Normal School, LifeLinks, Life Unlimited, The Nathaniel Centre, NZ Nurses Organisation, National Union of Public Employees, OCP, Odyssey House, Sisters of Mercy, Taylor Shaw Barristers and Solicitors, the University of Canterbury, The University of Otago, VFL Finance, Whitireia NZ, the Yunus Social Business Centre.


The Year Ahead

Residential Care Pathway

Health and Ability Services
Implement Residential Care Pathway programme at Health and Ability Services.

Karori strengthening and refurbishment

Health and Ability Services
Commence NZD $2m seismic strengthening and refurbishment programme at 36 room St John of God Karori facility.

Preparation to meet Community Need

Community, Youth and Child Services
Evaluate feasibility of further regional service delivery expansion for Community, Youth and Child Services.

Quality & Case Management System

Health and Ability Services
Implement new Quality Management System to improve client care at Health and Ability Services and pilot Penelope Case Management System.

Pae Ora Plan & Bicultural Development

Organisation wide
Implement Pae Ora Plan supporting the implementation of our Māori Health Plan and the principles of the Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

Social Enterprise Development

Organisation wide
Establish feasibility of Social Enterprise models to drive innovation in funding and service delivery.

Health and Safety Management

Health and Ability Services
Preparation for implementation of Group Health and Safety modules.

Community Home in Wellington

Health and Ability Services Northern
Continue investigation of suitable community home in the Wellington Region
St John of God Halswell
26 Nash Road, Halswell, Christchurch
St John of God Waipuna
349 Woodham Road, Avonside, Christchurch
St John of God Karori
11 Messines Rd, Karori, Wellington
St John of God Selwyn
23 Masefield Drive, Rolleston, Christchurch
St John of God Addington
36 Parade Court, Addington, Christchurch
St John of God Hauora Trust
189 Peterborough St, Christchurch Central, Christchurch